6.jpgCastlefest 2019

Not a whole month left until Castlefest!
Throwback to last years crew

5.jpgThanks Sternenklang Festival

A beautiful castle, chilled atmosphere, great summerweather and a nice team including good organization. What more can you ask for? We would love to come back!
Thanks a lot to the whole team and especially Alex, for having us!

Next stop is our show with Schandmaul and the following medieval fair in Bassum near Bremen on the 26-28 July.

Until then we'll enjoy the sun and have some vacation.
What places will you visit this summer?

4.jpgAre you hot already?!

In ~1h we'll arrive at Sternenklang Festival. Stage time is 17.30 - 19h.
Who's with us??

1-2.jpgGrazie mille TRIESTE!

What a blast, so much energy and even a moshpit. You are crazy Triskell Celtic Festival!
We can't wait to be back.

We're still on the road somewhere in Germany right now and the heavy rain makes it difficult to realize the last few days between italian temperament, sunsunsun and Gelato.

We wish you all a (late) blessed midsummer by the way! Hope you had a magical shortest night ✨?
(we really missed our midsummer fire though)

2-2_.jpgBeautiful Italy

We arrived on the festival ground, checked out the stage (which is HUUUUGE) and now chill in the shadows, enjoying life, the hot temperatures and the chilled italian atmosphere.

1-1.jpgNiklas - saviour of baby birds!

What to do when you find a helpless birdie on your evening walk? Stay for the night, build up a tent, watch the mama feed it until it will be able to fly on its own?
We wish but placing the baby somewhere safe under the trees must be enough for today. Let's allow nature do her thing. And hopefully the little tit will fly away in a few days..

6.JPGGina draws for an exhibition at the theater of the night. If you're interested in a print, you can write her a PM. There are more motives!

5.jpgThanks MPS RASTEDE!
Click here for the gallery.

Foto by Udo Engbert

4.jpgWe have the duty to raise our voices for those who can't defend themselves.To stand up and fight for mother nature, for her beauty, to try and shield us from her anger and from the catastrophies that are sure to follow. For our fellow humans who live under harsh conditions. For empathy and community, for the good of all fluffy and non-fluffy animals, for the beaches and polar-bears, the whales and for the children in war-zones.

There are people who don't care about any of this. Now the time has come to stand against these people who willingly march us all towards certain doom with their illogical views.

We fight as one.
Stand up and VOTE, so that those who only look to exploit nature and humanity will be persecuted! - so that facism can't win!

Yours, Waldkauz

P.S. get those stickers at our merch for free.

3.jpgDo you know our fanclub Die Tanzgeister?
Within the frame of an internal competition with the topic of "Pagan Journey" we received some very nice creations, which we won't withhold from you ;)

Thanks to Sophia Hompesch!

2.jpg*** New Tourdate ***
It's time to tell you about the Triskell Celtic Festival (the second trip to Italy I told you about)! We will come to Trieste to play on the 19th edition of this Celtic culture festival on the 21st of June - on midsummer.
Hopefully the heavy rains in Italy make a pause then!!

Event: Waldkauz // XIX Triskell Festival (IT)
More info here: https://www.celticevents.org/

1.jpgDo you know our fanclub ・Die Tanzgeister?
Within the frame of an internal competition with the topic of "Pagan Journey" we received some very nice creations, which we won't withhold from you ;)

Here, have the very first Waldkauz Fanfiction of all times!
Written by Lady Agi

But it's in german so you should ask your german friends to translate ;)

16.JPGDanke MPS Dortmund
Our first MPS engagement was set for the christmas fair in Fredenbaumpark several years ago. But now the last summer event there is over.. Too bad, but we had a great Beltane night there on stage to say goodbye to it under the green canopy. Our next MPS is in Rastede now.
Dortmund, you were a great audience - like always!

Pic by Kees Stravers

(15.JPGNew Date
We'll be back at the amazing Castlefest this year!
From friday to sunday we'll play there this year. Three concerts, three stages and a LOT of good music, good people and a great atmosphere.
From 2nd - 4th August in Lisse (NL).

If you haven't been there yet, you definitly should come this year.
Click here for more info.
or go on castlefest.nl

16.JPGMPS Dortmund
Upcoming tuesday we're entering the stage again - MPS Dortmund be prepared!

If you want to warm up a little now: We received this veeery nice montage from our first concert of the Pagan Journey Tour in Arnheim on the 23rd March (big thanks to Adrianas mum!)

(15.JPGSpotify Playlist
With all this spring sun you tend to loose your northern spirits? No problem! Now there is the perfect playlist on spotify for you - with Waldkauz in it of course.

Turn on and feel the northern spirits ;)

(14).jpgFan Art
It's Fanart Time! This nice digital art sketch was made by Stefan Wiegers.

You also have some Fanart laying around? Send it to us to be feautured on our dash.

(5).jpgVeniamo in Italia!
We will be part of this years Beltane Pagan Festival in Masserano, Biella in Italy on the 18th May and we can't wait to come to Italy once more.
We hope to see lots of you there.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumfUYgUqpw
More info here: www.beltanefestival.it

There will be a second journey to you this year.
Stay tuned.

(4).jpgNew Gallery
Photos from our concert at Willemeen, Arnheim are now online

Photo by Marjolein Regterschot

(5).jpgNew Gallery
Photos from our gig at Spectaculum Mundi in Munich from the 15th march are now in our gallery

(4).jpgHildesheim, you were killing it!
Thank you for a great show. Time for some aftershow snuggles and a lazy sunday. See you again on the 30th of April at MPS in Dortmund.

at Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim
20 h Showtime Cesair
21.45 h Showtime Waldkauz


(2).jpgBericht aus München
"Bei WALDKAUZ wurde nicht küstlich ein Korsett üer verschiedene Musiker gestülpt, sondern diese haben sich selbst und ihre Musik gefunden. Allein dadurch erreicht der Auftritt eine gewisse Intensität, wie er bei gecasteten Popsternchen so nicht zu finden ist. ... " Wer am vergangenen Freitag in München nicht dabei sein konnte oder sich fü unser neues Lineup interessiert, kann hier einen Einblick gewinnen.  Hier geht es zum Artikel.
Danke an Sigi Maier von Metal1.info

(1).jpgThe Pagan Journey goes on!

This saturday together with Cesair at Willemeen in Arnhem in the Netherlands.
Fabi won't be with us on stage in Arnhem but we will have another very talented soul sharing the evening with us and thats Adriana Borger (also from the Netherlands - we love you dutchies!). Come over and let us rock your world!

(5).jpgPapa Peter
Papa Peter - Last weekend the first smol Waldkauz came to have a look on this world. Let's make sure he will only find good things here!
Congrats to Peter and Lisa on their little drummerboy.
So the Waldkauz lineage is secured ;) - and it goes on and on and on.

(4).jpgNeue Saison
When we are off stage for a longer time (aka winter break) it's a special thing to come back on stage again and play for you our music. We have new voices on stage, new instruments and NEW SONGS.
Exciting and a bit nerve wrecking so spiritual preparation is a must need!

(3)_.JPGJoin our Pagan Journey
Join our Pagan Journey!
Waldkauz and Cesair are joining forces during two concerts this month:
23.3 | Pagan Journey Tour | Cesair + Waldkauz in Willemeen
30.3 | Pagan Journey Tour | Waldkauz + Cesair in Hildesheim
Watch our personal invitation here.

(2).jpgFan Art
Another beautiful pencil sketch by talented Nadine. Thank you for this wonderful piece!

You also have some Fanart laying around? Send it to us to be feautured on our dash.

(1).jpgAre you ready, Munich?

The first person who hands this original article to our merchie on friday will win a little gift ?

1.jpgWhat will come next?
This and more interesting questions about our new album, the universe and everything will be answered in an exclusive interview in the new Sonic Seducer Musikmagazin!

It's all in german but if you find the article and need help with translating - we are here for you ;)

Also in the magazine: See above.

30 März || Pagan Journey Tour [with Cesair]

>>> www.kufa.info/tickets

5.jpgFan Art!
What a magical Mythos portrait by Anja Richter! We are enchanted, thank you very much.

Send us an email to info@wald-kauz.de
with your fanart, to become a part of our dash.

4.jpgPagan Journey Tour
We had a big rehearsal day. New songs, new instruments, new season.

In March you will get the chance to witness all that at our Pagan Journey Tour with Cesair!

23 march || Willemeen, Arnheim
30 march || Kulturfabrik Löseke, Hildesheim

These cans looked too familar to resist.
Have a nice weekend!

2_.jpgBastaard Awards
We are nominated for 'Best International Act 2018'. Now all we need is your vote!

Just 1. Click the Link below, 2. 'Begin met stemmen' and 3. Click through the categories until ours shows up.

No registration or reveiling of dates necessary. The vote ends on the 17th February

1.jpgFan Art

We received some really cool FanArt over the years but haven't shown anything yet. Thats over now!
Let's start with this so accurate caricature which was made by Karikatourist Erol with photos of MPS Karlsruhe 2018 as original.
If you also have some laying around Waldkauz Fanart - please send it to info@wald-kauz.de to be feautured on our dash!

(3)-.jpgWaldkauz Scented Oils
A composition of moss, wood, patchouli and dark forest fairy make you be a part of Oberon and Titania pacing through the deep woods.
Yesterday we had the honor to create a very special Waldkauz scented perfume oil together with scent magician Frank.
Available in limited edition at our merchbooth this year

(2).jpgNew Date!
Event: Waldkauz // Winsen Historisches Schlossspektakel 2019
We will join our old friends of the Marktvagabunden again on their medieval fair at the historical park in Winsen (Luhe).
More info here. (The timetable is still from last year)

(2).jpgFirst concert in new line-up
Be prepared Bavaria! We haven't been so far in the south of Germany yet - so we are very happy to perform at the famous Spectaculum Mundi in Munich at the 15th March 2019.
Don't miss out!

Door: 19.00
Start: 20.30   -  More info and tickets here

(1).jpgShoutout to Sam Evans
Shoutout to Sam Evans, the wonderful artist who took our new photos. You know her as Mati Syra Zemlya in our music video.

More of her here

(3).jpgMusician wanted!

Because Fabienne will only come with us upcoming season as a workaround we are searching for new bandmembers! The optimum would be if you are a female singer with hurdygurdymagic and a bit of harp on the side. But please write us also if you are only a singer (f) or play the hurdygurdy (m/f).
There is much to experience with us! We are looking forward to your messages!

(2).jpgThe new year has come and so much has changed
Gina stepped out of the spotlight and Andi Douwt on bass guitar and Fabienne Kirschke on vocals and hurdygurdy will join us on stage.We have many plans for the year to come - especially off stage. Let the music begin! You can now find our first few concert dates here. Photos by the most talented Samantha Evans

(1).jpgPagan Journey Tour 2019
Our small tour with Cesair expands! We will perform together at the Kulturfabrik Löeke in Hildesheim (DE) on the 30th March.

More infos here

Do you feel the yule mood yet?


We recorded a little something for you, to carry the cold winter away and give you some nice warm yule toughts.

Share the song to spread the spirit!

'Klang min vackra bjällra' is a swedish yule carol.

You find the translation in the description.

51Cesair.jpgWaldkauz + Cesair


We will come back to the netherlands on 23th March to perform there with the wonderful Epic Folkers of Cesair and it will be magical!

50Taverna.jpgThanks Hamburg, thanks Taverna!


It was a very emotional performance for everyone. Now its time for some rest and creativity. We are looking forward to the next season!

Pic by Michael Meister

49GebtagNina.jpgHappy Birthday Nina!


Today we celebrate the birthday of our dear flute player and singer Nina!Thank you for being such a driving force and for your beautiful melodies.

To many more years of music, white wine and party!
Pic by Heiners Art

48cf_Winter3.jpgDank je wel Castlefest!


It was a blast!



Dear friends,

Today we have sad news for you. In December our dear Gina will share the stage with us for the last time.

After thinking about it for a long time Gina has decided to take her leave from the stage for health reasons.

She has our deepest respect for her decision and all wish that she will have the peace and privacy she needs.

But Waldkauz will carry on! And we hope that you carry that decision with us and that we can all look forward to an exciting 2019.

Here are some personal words from Gina for you:


"For more than 5 years Waldkauz was my home.

It was the most intense, fulfilling and simply best time so far.

So it was even more painful to see and realize that for the past months it was consuming more of my energy than I could bear.

Some of you my know that I have been struggling with depression for most of my life. This was a continuous burden on my path but also showed me some doors that I wouldn't have dared to open otherwise.

The founding of Waldkauz was one of those doors.

For my Waldkauz-Family I wish that you continue striving for your dream, don't forget the sort of magic you conjure and that you let yourself be led by music.

Thank you to all the people that I got to meet, for listening to our music and for all the support!



Pic by Rene Desenik

46leipzig.jpgThank you LEIPZIG!


Hopefully see you soon.

Pic by Michael J Pape at JULES Fantasy Markt

45WinterCF.jpgCastlefest Winter 2018


We are back in the netherlands for a last time this year and couldn't wait to tell you! On this Castlefest Winter Edition 2018 we will be playing both days - one show on the bigger stage and an acoustic show on the other.

We are so happy :) Tot ziens!

44Jules.jpgFantasy-Markt Jules


We are very happy to announce a new concert at short notice! At the beginning of November we will come into the east of germany once again - to the JULES Fantasy-Markt on the Agra fairground in Leipzig.

Both saturday and sunday we will play for you. The full program will be released shortly.

Adults 8,00 Euro, Children 4,00 Euro

Dressed up guests 6,00 Euro

Opening hours: Saturday 11-23 h, Sunday 11-19 h

More info here

43Jubilee.jpg5 years of Waldkauz jubilee festival


Gorgeous line-up, pure paganfolk power, best summer weather, bonfire, atmospheric location and the best audience. Thank you so much for this evening! We will have it in best memory for a very long time. Big Thanks to our brothers (and sisters!) from another mother, our paganfolk family of Brisinga and SeeD Pagan Folk and also the enchanting Beatrice Baumann of course. Thanks to the whole team and our fanclub Die Tanzgeister [Waldkauz Fanclub] for the surprise.

Thank you for an exciting and multifaceted season 2018 and for so much in the last 5 years of Waldkauz.

Let's see what will be coming in the next 5!

We love you all! Waldkauz
Pic by Kees Stravers


42Andi.jpgHappy Birthday Mr. Andi Douwt!


 All the best to our low-frequency sound wizard for his birthday!

Drink some good franconian beer to our

favorite franconian!

Pic by Marielle's Concert and Event Photography

41running order.jpgRunning Order


Click here for the Running Order of this weekend!

40Shirt.jpgFESTIVALSHIRT! Only until wednesday!


We can only provide the possiblity to get a shirt for a few more days. On wednesday we will close the order and you missed your chance. Just click here, scroll down, chose the "Festival Fanpaket" among the "Dankeschöns" (transl. Thank you") and click order. The package includes the shirt, one ticket to the festival, a festival bag and two buttons

39festival.jpg5 years - The Anniversary Festival


  Advance sale starts now:

HERE on Startnext.

[Only in german. If you need help, please write us a PM]

 It is our 5th band anniversary and that demands to be celebrated big time! A special festival with three bands, performance and supporting program awaits you.

We are happy to announce the paganfolkbands Brisinga (DE) and Seed (NL) to our line up. In addition the performance artist Beatrice Baumann will deliver a special show.

You can find the TICKETS, all infos and many special offers to explore in our crowdfunding campaign!

38Hamburg.jpgThanks Hamburg


It was an honour to be part of this huge MPS and the big goodbye MPS Öjendorf party!

37Oerlinghausen.jpgThanks Archäol. Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen!


And again it was a big pleasure for us to play some more quiet and delicate acoustic songs and arrangements for you as well as it was great to witness a full set of @brisingamusic. It was truly magical and we love our collaboration. You will be able to see them again with a full set on our jubilee festival on the 13th October. Don't miss that! More infos will follow soon.

36Minden.jpgThanks Minden!


You were an amazing audience and we had a fantastic night and will definitly come back.
Bild von Johannes Pietsch

35PVKöln.JPGPagan Vision- Tour diary


Get now a small insight to an exciting weekend between MPS Köln and Castlefest in the Netherlands!

Click here for the video

26didge.jpgJoin us on stage!


Performing with us on stage is your dream? Send us your best didge video to make it come true on the 24th August in Minden, Fort A. Closing date is the 15th August.

34Potsdam.jpgDanke Potsdam


It was a pleasure to play for you! And the acousticset was an exciting new experience for us. Hopefully we find more room for something similar in the future.Thank you Wortklänge Open Air and Lea for the smooth and mindful organisation. And thank you Angelika for the very well

organized, peaceful, beautiful and even more mindful citytour through Potsdam

32castlefest3.jpgTHANK YOU CASTLEFEST



It was a blast to play for you!

33paganvision.JPGPagan Vision - Tour diary


Next episode of Waldkauz PV. Accompany us through our weekend on the MPS festival in Karlsruhe!

Direct link to the video

25winsen.jpgSchlossspektakel Winsen (Luhe)


Upcoming weekend we will create a magical atmosphere in big line up in the wonderful palace gardens of the Winsen castle!

The Schlossspektakel of the Marktvagabunden is on our tourplan every year and so it is on now. We play on saturday and sunday.

24minden.jpgSummer concert at Fort A - Minden


The quaint Open Air setting of the old Fort A in Minden sets the best conditions for a magical summer evening full of music and dance.

Door: 20 h, Presale 12 €, discounted 6 €
More info and the TICKETS HERE

23jubi.jpgWe are getting 5 years old!


And on 13th October we want to throw a big party for us - and you! A long day of concerts and paganparty in familiar atmosphere and special highlights.

What exactly will happen? We dont know yet either but save the date!

22Litha.jpgBlessed Litha


Only about 5 hours after the sun set it rose again (behind some dark clouds) and we took our ritual early midsummer morning walk through the fields. Chilled through and tired but thr magic of seeing the sun set and rise again in one sitting is a highlight of the year!

21CF.jpgThe time schedule of Castlefest is online!


Sunday the 5th August on Meadowstage - 22-23 h!

Don't miss the party! We will give the Castlefest 2018 a befitting closure. Unfortunatly our concert is just open for camping guests so rescind your hotel now and get a camping ticket quickly ;P

Click here for the whole running order

20Uni.JPGLive @ Uni Mittsommernacht Hildesheim


We also perform some Brisinga songs together this year. This gem is called 'Sinä ja minä' - a ritualistic song about bear hunting in finland.

>>Click here for the Video

19Uni.jpgThanks Hildesheim


Thank you for a wonderful night between the big trees on this atmospheric meadow. It was a great show and a big experience to be on stage with these talented people.
We are looking forward to the next time!

17CF.jpgAttentie alsjeblieft!


We will be part of the Castlefest 2018 in the Netherlands and are so excited about it! On sunday the 5th August we will play a big show for you in the evening. For us it will be a very special show because.. [More]


We are sorry to announce that our concert at the History Fest Stolberg will NOT take place due to administrative reasons. We would have loved to play there for you and are sad to not be able to. We will announce some more concert-dates soon.

For example the Mittsommernacht in Hildesheim


10Dortmund.jpgThank you Dortmund


For an awesome Beltane night! It was the biggest pleasure to play for you!

Pic by Heiner Breuer

09Sieben.jpgWaldkauz – Live 2018


Waldkauz like you've never heard them before! Seven musicians on one stage to bring you an awesome show in 2018. Say a warm welcome to Fabienne (Brisinga) on hurdy-gurdy, whistles and vocals, Fanny (Brisinga) on harp and vocals and Andi on bass!

Even more powerful, mystical and danceable!

Be prepared for a new and exciting concert experience in 2018. We are excited and proud and looking forward to some awesome shows!

Photos by  Shawn Hellmann - Shawn's music photography.

08BigNews.jpg3 Days!


We talk about our big secret project for quite a long time now. BE PREPARED! Next monday - in 3 days - we will finally tell you what this fuss is all about and you won't be disappointed.

What do YOU think this could be?!

Photo from September 2015 by Pechblende Photography

07Gina.jpgHappy Birthday, Gina!

We wish our hurdy-gurdist all the best for her birthday!

Thank you for all your creativity and your spirituality that drives a lot of our music! We hope you will have all the energy you wish for and look forward to the start of the live season!

All the best, your band



The time has finally arrived!

The sun-half of the year has begun and thus the light returned.

Even though around here spring is still fighting against snow and temperatures below zero the sun is still coming through to warm us.

Just as every year I recognize that the rays of sun are causing me too to bloom like the first small flowers.

That is the feeling I wait for through out winter. And just as for the small blossomsit is time to face the sun, absorb the light and use that energy.

Whatever you are currently planning or might even started already you must use this new found courage to reach your goals and make your wishes come true.

Spring greetings,

Gina &Waldkauz

04Stolberg.jpgHistory Fest Stolberg


Attention people from BELGIUM and the NETHERLANDS! This event is near the border and we would love to see you in Stolberg. Our concert will take place in the afternoon.

02Zipper.jpgZipper Hoodies

Limited Zipjackets available in our shop now!

S-XL // just a few left!

>> to our Shop


01HappyBirthday.jpgHappy Birthday

Happy birthday to our dear Niklas! Stay as you are cause thats the best and on many more years to come to rock the stage together!

0Neujahr.jpgHappy New Year


and thank you for an awesome 2017!



On shortest day and longest night; spark the fires and give them shelter through the dark for that the sun can be reborn on a new day with new strength to share with us. .. [More]

The new single „Zündet die Feuer“ is released just in time for Yule. You can watch and listen to it  on our YouTube Channel.

>>to the VIDEO

81Hamburg.jpgThank you Hamburg!

for a magnificient last concert of 2017! After four years of Taverna Cerritus your good vibes still crash all borders - and we still recover from the scary schnapps roulette...

Totally looking forward to the next time!

Now a time of reflection and creativity lies ahead. Soon our new SINGLE + Musicvideo 'Zündet die Feuer' will be released and in the new year we will finally give you the first concert dates of 2018.

Yours, Waldkauz

Watch a little live recording here -by Caro // Swedish Julsong "Klang min vackra bjällra"

80Nina.jpgHappy Birthday

 Today we celebrate Ninas Birthday!

We are eternally grateful for your contributions, your melodies,

your determination and everything else.

We hope that your light will shine upon our shared time for many years to come!

Let's all celebrate Ninas Birthday today!

Your Band <3

Picture by Chris Puivert


We spent our last weekend outside on a cool lovation in Minden to shoot our new musicvideo. The song is called "Zündet die Feuer". After we played it for a long time on stage now there soon will be a studio version of it available.

A song of contemplativeness, yule and a new beginning - a video full of fire and flying sparks.

Stay tuned!

But first we have a few blurry shots for you from the set.

77Shirts.jpgNew T-Shirts

The NEW shirts are available!

With marvelous Mythos print for men in women in black and bordeaux up to size 5 XL!

Only available in our webshop or in our merchbooth.