(3).jpgMusician wanted!

Because Fabienne will only come with us upcoming season as a workaround we are searching for new bandmembers! The optimum would be if you are a female singer with hurdygurdymagic and a bit of harp on the side. But please write us also if you are only a singer (f) or play the hurdygurdy (m/f).
There is much to experience with us! We are looking forward to your messages!

(2).jpgThe new year has come and so much has changed
Gina stepped out of the spotlight and Andi Douwt on bass guitar and Fabienne Kirschke on vocals and hurdygurdy will join us on stage.We have many plans for the year to come - especially off stage. Let the music begin! You can now find our first few concert dates here. Photos by the most talented Samantha Evans

(1).jpgPagan Journey Tour 2019
Our small tour with Cesair expands! We will perform together at the Kulturfabrik Löeke in Hildesheim (DE) on the 30th March.

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Do you feel the yule mood yet?


We recorded a little something for you, to carry the cold winter away and give you some nice warm yule toughts.

Share the song to spread the spirit!

'Klang min vackra bjällra' is a swedish yule carol.

You find the translation in the description.

51Cesair.jpgWaldkauz + Cesair


Schon am 23 März kommen wir zurück in die Niederlande mit einem Doppelkonzert. Wir teilen uns mit den wunderbaren Epic Folkern von Cesair die Bühne des Willemeen in Arnhem. Kommt vorbei, es wird magisch!

Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance. Energetic and wild at some times but also spherical and dreamy are the sounds rolling of the stage.

But yet the binding theme of old myths and legends remains, their power and secret reverberating in the music of the band to this day.

On historic and modern instruments they combine their own compositions with influences from european folk-music. Danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies and arrangements for up to three voices enchant the audience.


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The second studio album

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