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We are sorry to announce that our concert at the History Fest Stolberg will NOT take place due to administrative reasons. We would have loved to play there for you and are sad to not be able to. We will announce some more concert-dates soon.

For example the Mittsommernacht in Hildesheim.[

10Dortmund.jpgThank you Dortmund


For an awesome Beltane night! It was the biggest pleasure to play for you!

Pic by Heiner Breuer

09Sieben.jpgWaldkauz – Live 2018


Waldkauz like you've never heard them before! Seven musicians on one stage to bring you an awesome show in 2018. Say a warm welcome to Fabienne (Brisinga) on hurdy-gurdy, whistles and vocals, Fanny (Brisinga) on harp and vocals and Andi on bass!

.. [More]

08BigNews.jpg3 Days!


We talk about our big secret project for quite a long time now. BE PREPARED! Next monday - in 3 days - we will finally tell you what this fuss is all about and you won't be disappointed.

What do YOU think this could be?!

Photo from September 2015 by Pechblende Photography

07Gina.jpgHappy Birthday, Gina!

We wish our hurdy-gurdist all the best for her birthday!

Thank you for all your creativity and your spirituality that drives a lot of our music! We hope you will have all the energy you wish for and look forward to the start of the live season!

All the best, your band

Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance.

These are the themes the band sings and plays their music about. Sometimes tender, fragile and dream-like, sometimes rhythmic, wild and demanding.

What remains throughout all the songs is the motive of myth and legends handed down to us from ancient times and the power and secret they still carry with them to this date.

On instruments both new and old WALDKAUZ plays their own brand of Pagan Folk, mixing traditional music from all over europe with their own ideas to something completely new.

Powerful drums meet wistful flute-melodies and sirring bouzouki riffs intertwine with mystical harp-melodies.

About WaldkauZ Read More …older Posts


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The second studio album MYTHOS

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