Dear friends,

Today we have sad news for you. In December our dear Gina will share the stage with us for the last time.

After thinking about it for a long time Gina has decided to take her leave from the stage for health reasons.

She has our deepest respect for her decision and all wish that she will have the peace and privacy she needs.

But Waldkauz will carry on! And we hope that you carry that decision with us and that we can all look forward to an exciting 2019.

Here are some personal words from Gina for you:


"For more than 5 years Waldkauz was my home.

It was the most intense, fulfilling and simply best time so far.

So it was even more painful to see and realize that for the past months it was consuming more of my energy than I could bear.

Some of you my know that I have been struggling with depression for most of my life. This was a continuous burden on my path but also showed me some doors that I wouldn't have dared to open otherwise.

The founding of Waldkauz was one of those doors.

For my Waldkauz-Family I wish that you continue striving for your dream, don't forget the sort of magic you conjure and that you let yourself be led by music.

Thank you to all the people that I got to meet, for listening to our music and for all the support!



Pic� by Rene Desenik