It all began in 2010 when Gina and Lennart (former guitar-player) started playing music together.
But only when Peter moved back to closer proximity things truly took form and the folk-band Waldkauz was born. Melodies and harmonies were shaped into songs which were first presented in 2013.

In early 2014 they joined forces with Nina and Niklas. As if intended by fate they met at Castlefest in the netherlands, far away from home, to discover that they all shared a passion for music and lived near each other back in Germany. With this line-up they started to perform more regulary and also writing new material. Their debut-album "Komm mit" was released in march 2015.

In the summer of 2016 guitarist Lennart left the band.
In April of 2017 the band released their second album "Mythos". A much more elaborate production which exceeded the potential of the first record.

In 2018 the band worked together on a collaboration with the band "Brisinga" and bassist Andi Douwt for a number of unique concert experiences.

Early 2019 saw founding member Gina leave the band while bassist Andi Douwt joined as a permanent member and Fabienne Kirschke joined as a short term replacement on hurdy gurdy and  vocals.

The third album is due to be released in spring 2020.


Songs about ancient magic, the wisdom of nature and the ecstasy of dance. Energetic and wild at some times but also spherical and dreamy are the sounds rolling of the stage.

But yet the binding theme of old myths and legends remains, their power and secret reverberating in the music of the band to this day.

On historic and modern instruments they combine their own compositions with influences from european folk-music. Danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies and arrangements for up to three voices enchant the audience.

In 2018 WALDKAUZ look back to a five year experience as a touring and performing band,

nationally and internationally. Among past events and festivals are Wacken Open Air, Wave Gotik Treffen and Castlefest. The band also won the newcomer award of the renowned Festival Mediaval and played many events at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (MPS), the worlds largest traveling Medieval Fair.

In march 2015 the band released their first full-length album "Komm' mit" to critical acclaim.

In the spring of 2017 they released their sophomore album "Mythos" and made a huge leap forward.

A more refined and extensive production resulted in even more attention from press and listeners in germany and other european countries.

Waldkauz are:

Nina Green – vocals, whistles, bagpipe

Fabienne Kirschke – vocals, hurdygurdy

Niklas Agalstra – vocals, irish bouzouki, nyckelharpa

Andi Douwt – bass guitar

Peter Guenter – drums, percussion

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